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Tymothy & Tracy

April 23rd

We congratulate you, Tracy and Tymothy for reaching such a memorable milestone in your journey.  We’re mostly glad to have helped you find your dream gown to make you feel proud and beautiful on your special day. May your marriage be a constant reminder of the beauty of love and the power of togetherness.

May your journey ahead be blessed

with endless love and happiness!

"We met in 2021 on Valentine's Day when I asked him to make me a cake delivery. He is a chef. Our first encounter wasn't a good one but as time  went by, we couldn't stop texting and checking on each other. We went from rivals to now husband and wife.

We planned our wedding for only 3 months. My husband used to tell me about meeting my parents, but I always thought he was joking until he told me in December of 2021 that he was serious about it and asked me to choose when I wanted our wedding to be. We agreed to make April 23rd my wedding day and the introduction ceremony happened on March 26th.

Everything about our wedding day is a best memory to us. Many times, I wish I can go back to that day. The tears of joy, especially the emotional times of me and my mother, we cried each time we thought about leaving each other, the fun, the drama, even some disorganizations, the dance, everything will always be part of our best memories."

Their Love Story

Find Your Dream Gown

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