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When to Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress

This is a very important question that has left many brides in disappointment. Brides that wish to look the most absolute best on their wedding day without any compromises should start shopping for their wedding gown at least 9 months before the wedding, and make their choice at least 7 months before the wedding. When the bride waits too long to find her dream wedding gown, her choices will be limited. Here the reasons why.

There are two options for finding your dream wedding gown. You can either choose your gown from what is available at the bridal shops, or you can order a wedding gown. For example at Sisters Bridal, our brides have the option of choosing from what we have at the shop, or selecting a completely customized design from our designers catalog that will be ordered to their specifications.

Now, most designers that are making original high quality wedding dresses will ask for a time between 1.5 months to 6 months to custom make a wedding gown. To get the best of the best, time is required. For example a designer that is hand sawing 10,000 beads into a wedding gown will not get this done within a week. If anyone is getting a gown within a week, they are most probably doing a quick fix job that will not compare in workmanship. Why are we explaining this in so much detail?

Well, its because of the above that a bride should start shopping for their gown at least 9 months before the wedding. In case you cannot find what you are looking for at the bridal shops, you will need to order a gown. The sooner your wedding date, the less the styles that will be available for you to you to order. And after sometime, like if the brides wedding is less than 6 weeks, there are very few designers that will take the chance of accepting an order, because they do not want to disappoint a bride. In this case the brides choices will become very limited.

Additionally, if you shop for your dream gown at the last minute, you will find when the best wedding gowns that you are liking are already taken by other brides, and are unavailable to you.

Its even much more important to start looking for your wedding gown so much earlier during this Covid-19 pandemic. This is because with Covid-19 the future is completely unknown. Many countries are going into total lockdown without any notice which is delaying production and international shipping. There are so many brides that have ended up running around to our bridal shop looking for an emergency wedding gown because what they ordered could not be delivered in time due to airports closing down. Yes you may not be able to walk into a bridal shop due to a lockdown during the pandemic but you can start by shopping online to find your favorite gowns and start conversations with the bridal shops on pricing delivery times etc. You can even order your gown during the pandemic and get the process going. But should you wish to first try on some gowns, which is what we highly recommend to brides, you will still have an advantage because as soon as the lockdown is lifted, you can immediately start trying on wedding gowns when you have a better idea of what will work for you. That is the best way to start your wedding gown shopping. The great news is we have the right platform for you to see some of the wedding gowns that our designers can make in your size and color. Kindly click on this link to get the process going.

The wedding gown is the most important and probably the most expensive piece of clothing that most women will get to wear. Shouldn't something that important be given enough time? That is our food for thought.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog. We hope this improves your wedding gown shopping experience greatly. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +256 706 555006 or +256 772 583133 or +254 748095888.

We look forward to the privilege of finding your dream wedding gown!

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