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Top 10 wedding dress silhouettes for any bride

Here are the ten wedding dress silhouettes any bride can choose from.
Here are the ten wedding dress silhouettes any bride can choose from.

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most overwhelming items on every bride's wedding to-do list. And it even becomes more frustrating if you don’t know which wedding dress silhouettes to begin with.

You would want to wear a wedding dress that fits your body shape and brings out your beauty on your most important day. And that's why we have created this guide about wedding dress silhouettes for any bride.

Is your wedding peeking just over the horizon? Then here is the guide that will help you pick the best wedding dress shape from a million of them.

What is a wedding dress silhouette?

You've probably seen "wedding dress silhouettes" all over the internet, and you must have wondered what it is. Well, it is just the shape a dress creates when it embraces or hangs on a bride’s body.

There are many wedding dress silhouettes you can pick from; however, will your choice perfectly bring out the shape of your body?

Every bride wants to look breathtaking on their wedding day, and what better way to do this than to pick a wedding dress with the right shape for you?

The 10 Wedding dress Silhouettes for any bride

Let's dive into the top 10 wedding dress silhouettes that will make you a queen on your special day. There are millions of them, but we picked the most famous ones for you:

1. Ball Gown Wedding dress Silhouette

Ball Gown is fitted at the waist before it dramatically poofs out. Some styles are fitted to as far as the hips, but this is more usual with waistlines. Its skirt can skim the floor, sweep it, or you can have it hanging just an inch away from the floor.

Ball gown wedding dress silhouette for any bride

You’ve probably seen brides floating in a white cloud of delicate fabric. That is exactly what the Ball Gown wedding dress silhouette makes you look like.

While its voluminous skirt may make it seem daunting, it has a hook at its back to lift the dress off the ground. As a result, it will allow you to make a quick trip to the bathroom.

Ball Gown looks fantastic on all body shapes and will give your legs enough moving space. The beauty of ball gowns is that even if you couple them with stilettos or flats, you will still be able to pull off the look.

Recommendation: For pear-shaped bodies, hence, brides that have their hips and bottom wider than their shoulders and bust.

Are you that bride? Quickly get yourself an outstanding and customized Ball Gown dress from one of the best wedding dress shop.

2. A-line wedding dress Silhouette.

A-line is the most well-known wedding dress silhouette that will look great on any body shape. Like the name, the A-line wedding dress is form-fitted on top and flares out at the waist to form an A shape.

Its design emphasizes a narrow waist and bust line while balancing wider hips. In case you are excited about putting on the famous A-line wedding gown, you may simply check them out from our stock.

Recommendation: Perfect for brides with a triangular shape. In other words, brides with a slim bust and wide hips.

3. Fishtail/Mermaid wedding gown Silhouette

As the name suggests, the ends of these wedding gowns have the same shape as a fish or a mermaid's tail. They boast a tight-fitting bodice that traces the body's contours and then flares into a dramatic skirt widening.

Fishtail/mermaid wedding gown silhouette for hourglass brides

Recommendation: Perfect on brides with an hourglass shape, but have narrow hips, and their shoulders have equal width like their hips.

Additionally, this wedding silhouette will also fit an inverted triangle body shape. In other words, broad shoulders compared to the hips.

Lastly, it's also a perfect match for a rectangular body shape – the shoulders, hips, and waist need equal width.

Fishtail or Mermaid wedding dress silhouettes are the perfect fit if you fall into one of these body types. It's lightweight for ease of movements, especially during a slow dance.

4. Fit-and-flare/Trumpet wedding dress Silhouette

Trumpet silhouettes are at times mistaken for Fishtails. However, unlike Fishtails that flare below the knees, Trumpet dresses flare out mid-thigh. And they also fit snugly around the waist and hips.

Recommendation: It's ideal for brides who want to highlight their natural physique. Thus, ladies with slender shapes and hourglass bodies. If you want to flaunt your curves, trumpet wedding dresses should be your go-to. Check out one of the Trumpet wedding dress designs to get an idea.

5. Sheath Silhouette

Sheath wedding dress silhouettes are often fitted, straight cut, and nipped at the waistline with no waist seam. Since most are tight-fitting, they usually have slits at their ends to allow free movement.

While flattering on all body shapes, they look even better on curvy, hourglass, petite, and banana body shapes. This is thanks to their ability to draw attention to the slim waistline, the wide hips, and the succulent bust area.

6. Short/Tea-Length wedding dress Silhouette

Here, the hem of the tea-length dress typically stops right above the ankles or, in some cases, about three to four inches above the ankle. It got its name thanks to the habit of 1920s women of wearing them while attending tea tables.

It will suit any bride. However, tall brides will look perfect in it since it compliments their height. Additionally, it's excellent for slim ladies with a rectangular body shape. Coupling your tea-length wedding dress up with the right stiletto heels will make you look even better.

7. Asymmetric/One-shoulder

Asymmetric/One-shoulder wedding dress silhouette

As the name suggests, the Asymmetric wedding dress silhouette has fabric over one shoulder while the other remains bare. Depending on your designer and your preferences, it can either have a wide stray style sleeve or a full-length one.

Asymmetric dress silhouettes mostly complement curvy brides because they highlight their curves. Besides, apple-shaped ladies with large busts, broad shoulders, and narrow hips can also effortlessly rock this look.

8. V-neck/Plunge

These wedding dresses have V-shaped openings around the neck (necklines). Whereas some openings are really deep (plunge), others are high and wide.

The magic here is that different dresses can be given V-shaped openings be it on a Mermaid silhouette dress, A-line, or even fit-and-flare. So, no matter which dress you're going with, feel free to give it a plunge to better the look.

These types of dresses complement various body types, for example, a small to large bust, petite, Apple, athletic, and curvy shapes as well as small to wide shoulders. In other words, V-neck dresses do not discriminate.

9. Strapless

Strapless wedding dress silhouette for any bride

Strapless dress silhouettes stay put around your upper body without the support of shoulder straps or any other visible means.

They are usually cut around the bust and leave your neckline, upper chest, and arms bare. They are instead supported by internal corsets and or brassiere and the tightness of the bodice keeps the dress in place to prevent it from slipping out of position.

This type of Silhouette is flattering for the upper body and versatile on the bottom. They are ideal for ladies with straight shapes – narrow hips, a small bust, and an unspecified waist.

10. Spaghetti Strap

These are wedding dresses with very narrow strips of material that go over your fabric and function as shoulder straps on bare-shouldered garments,

While this style can be used on any of the other dresses, they mostly complement spoon-shaped bodies, emphasizing the slim arms and upper body and elongating your torso. They take attention away from your large hips and tummy while directing it to your slimmer upper body.


It doesn’t matter what your body type is. Fashion has evolved and improved so much that there will always be a dress for you. So, you needn’t fret. Browse through the various options we have given you and carefully make your pick. You deserve to feel comfortable and elegant on your big day.

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