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With wedding planning, information is key. After 18 years of dressing brides, we have learnt a lot from our brides and have ideas and recommendations for all future brides to guide you at all stages of their wedding planning.  Enjoy the Sisters Bridal Blog.

Monday, January 06 2020
Checklist and tips for a picture perfect wedding day look

Decades of dressing brides have given us the happiest of moments. Nothing is as satisfying as hearing a bride tell you "I had the best day" and knowing that dressing that bride made it happen for her. We have enjoyed and continue to learn everyday.

We wish all brides getting married soon the most pleasant wedding day ever. We understand how important your wedding attire will be.  Below you will find a few tips that you should follow to make sure that you are picture perfect and you get to wear your dream wedding gown exactly as you wanted.

  1. Visit your bridal shop a week before and check on the status of your wedding gown. Make sure all accessories have been or are being added to your gown as you asked, and any extra customizations agreed upon during your final fitting session have been tailored on your gown as you wanted. Avoid last minute surprises on the day that you pick up your gown.
  2. If you are an expecting bride, On the day that you pick up the gown, try it on again. Your body is changing as the baby grows and your size can change within 24 hours. If this is the case, the bridal shop will be able to re-adjust the gown to your new body size. Also, if you are expecting, its best to take the gown the day before your wedding to make sure you have the size that will fit you.
  3. Stick to the shoes that you used during your final fitting session. Your gown should have been adjusted to fit the heel of that shoe.
  4. Stick to the same bra that you used during the final fitting session, changing your bra on your wedding gown may result in different fitting for your wedding gown.
  5. If you were offered a free flower girl dress at your bridal shop, take in the flower girl physically to make sure that she gets a dress that fits her. Some brides will just take a dress that they think fits their flower girl without confirming that they have the right size, which ends up in last minute panic if it turns out that the dress is not the right size.
  6. If you are planning to have more than 1 flower girl dress, communicate with the bridal shop in advance so that they can get a matching dress for you for the 2nd flower girl. Don’t ask for the 2nd dress on the same day that you pick up the 1st, as what you need may be out of stock.
  7. If you are asking for dressing services, do it at least a month in advance. Avoid asking and paying for dressing services at the last minute, the bridal shop be committed to dress other brides, and may not have a bridal consultant to come and dress you.
  8. Try and settle your payments at least 1-2 weeks before your wedding to avoid the last-minute hassle. If not at least call in advance to know your balance. The bride and groom are the center of a wedding, you must prioritize your wedding attire above all other wedding expenses.

We hope for and wish you all the best. Congratulations. Remember to keep hydrated!!

These tips have been compiled by the team of bridal consultants at Sisters Bridal Shop.
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