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Bridal Trends: 6 Classy Wedding dresses for 2023

Bridal trends for 2023

We've been in the bridal industry for over 21 years, seeing bridal trends changing. We've worked with 25 renowned international wedding gown designers from the US and Europe. Implying the thousands of bridal trends in different years, styles, and creative designs we've come across.

Of course, different designers are trying out a wide array of sexy silhouettes, fabrics, ornaments, embellishments, and colors to give wedding dresses a more appealing look. For example, over 10,000+ wedding dress trends are available on order in all our bridal shops in Kampala and Nairobi.

So, this bridal guide features the 6 trending wedding dresses of 2023 you may want to try out. If your wedding is around the corner, these options will give you unlimited choices as you move closer to your most important day.

6 Wedding dress trends to try out in 2023.

Here are the 6 classy trending dresses you would want to try out in 2023. Feel free to expand on your options before choosing your wedding gown:

1. Colorful wedding gown trends.

Colorful bridal trends for 2023

White wedding dresses were the norm, but it's entirely upon you to try anything that makes you feel comfortable. There are many alternatives to white wedding gowns, for example, Ivory, champagne, blush, red, blue hues, and black.

All you have to do is to choose a wedding gown color that will blend with your skin complexion. Then, make the wedding dress your own and let the art flourish. We have many colorful bridal trending dresses in stock.

2. Feathery wedding dresses.

Another bridal trend, which might be the next big thing just from how more brides embrace this style. Feathery wedding dress trends come in different styles, but what remains uniform are the feathery embellishments. They have a luxurious, feathery, yet unique and appealing design that will make you look different from other brides.

Among so many styles, you can choose the ostrich feathered, peacock feathered dresses, strapless sequin feathered, asymmetric feather, or Halter neck feather trimmed mini dresses. You just need to know what works for you and embrace this gown trend.

3. High-low hemlines.

High-low hemline wedding gown trends for 2023

Hemlines are the lines formed by the lower edge of your wedding dress and come in different styles. For instance, floor-length hemlines, mid-calf hemlines, above-knee hemlines, mid-thigh hemlines, and ankle hemlines, to mention but a few.

High-low hemlines are unique because the front part of the dress is shorter than the back. These fun and flirty dresses were formerly known as fishtails or mullets. They can be incorporated in any silhouette of your choice, such as a Ball gown, V-neck, etc. Take a look at one of these in our bridal store in Kenya and Uganda.

4. Ruffled wedding dresses.

These dresses are embellished with a gathered overlay of fabric strips, giving them a ripple-like effect. The whole ripple design gives the wedding dress a lively and unique appearance, creating a sense of movement, fluidity, and playfulness.

Additionally, they can be tailored to suit your unique style, so no matter your body type, ruffles can be added to whatever silhouette or fabric you choose, and you'll look breathtaking no matter what. The best materials to match ruffle designs include Tulle, Organza, Chiffon, Lace, Satin, and Silk.

5. Organza layered wedding dress trends.

Organza ball gown bridal trends 2023

The Organza design is a fine, lightweight sheer fabric. It creates a soft outer layer, like a complete skirt outline on a gown. These dresses are a combination of both classy and modern styles.

The waist is accentuated with beaded embroidery, adding a hint of glamour. The ruffled layers add dimensions and ease of movement. Additionally, they look great on almost any body type, enabling you to pull off the look effortlessly.

6. Scoop strapless neckline wedding dresses.

Scoop strapless neckline dresses are U-shaped and have circular necklines. They open up around the neck to display the collarbone beautifully and whatever accessories you may choose to match your wedding dress.

Considering they are strapless, it would help if you had another alternative for shoulder straps, preferably a tight-fitting bodice to hold the dress in place. So, why scoop, strapless, spaghetti neckline dress trends? Well, for one reason, they look perfect on all body types. Also, they can be cut out into any of the existing dress silhouettes.

Need help in choosing your Wedding gown?

Picking out the right wedding dress for your special day may not be a piece of cake, but remember, we are here to help you see the process through. We will show you the array of options we have in stock and assist in you choosing the perfect wedding gown trend specifically for you.

We will also show you catalogues of our international wedding gown designers with 10,000+ more styles available on order in all our bridal shops in Kampala and Nairobi. This is simply the true definition of unlimited choice. Simply click on this link to book a fitting appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest bridal trend for 2023?

  • Vintage Vibes.

  • Bold Necklines.

  • Playful Ruffles

  • Regal Capes

  • Embellished Belts

  • Unique Fabrics

  • Botanical Prints


What is the cheapest month to buy a wedding dress?


Brides-to-be looking to find their perfect dreamy wedding dress while staying within budget, consider shopping and booking alterations during the quieter months of January and February.


How long before you get married should you look for a dress?

In a perfect world, you should begin your wedding dress shopping experience six to eight months before your wedding date. Your wedding dress order may come in early, or it may arrive late.


What makes a wedding gown timeless?

Classic wedding gowns feature elements that have stood the test of time: ball gown silhouettes, high necklines, strapless styles and long lace sleeves, to name a few

Where can I buy original wedding gowns in Uganda?

Sisters Bridal Shop – Top seller of thousands of designer original, genuine, and luxurious wedding gowns and dresses available in Uganda on order from reputable designers in USA and across Europe such as Vladiyan, Adrianna Papell wedding dresses, etc.

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