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10 things to do before booking a bridal dress appointment.

No wedding is complete without the a bride in a perfect wedding gown!!

10 things to do before booking a bridal dress appointment.

Ready to find your dream wedding dress?? Then this article is a must read for you. The search for a dream wedding gown is one of the most exciting moments of wedding planning. It should be a fun and unforgettable experience as long as a you plan in advance, and book an appointments with every bridal shop that you plan on visiting instead of just walking in unexpected.

As a bride you want to get all the attention you deserve and preparing and booking an appointment allows the bridal shops that you are visiting to give you that fairytale experience that you deserve. That is why we have shared these 10 tips on how to get ready for your bridal dress appointment. Questions like when should you book your appointment and more are answered here!

How to get ready for your bridal dress appointment

Here are the 10 simple things you will have to do before booking your first wedding dress appointment:

1. Prioritize your bridal gown.

First of all, give yourself enough time to find your wedding dress. It is the most important item that will be the talk of your wedding day. We recommend that brides should start wedding gown shopping and book bridal gown fitting appointments at least 6 to 9 months before the wedding date.

As the saying goes the early bird catches the worm, and a bride who shops in advance will have unlimited options. She can buy her wedding dress off the rack from what is available at the bridal shops, or order a custom design to her taste.

If you wish to be dressed by the best bridal designers in the world, then you must start shopping for your wedding dress in advance. Remember that the best wedding dress designers always have so many orders from brides worldwide, and will hence need enough time to make your wedding dress due to high demand.

Brides shopping at the last minute are limited to what is available there and then at the bridal shops that they will visit.

2. Knowledge is power.

Before booking that your first bridal dress appointment, get yourself acquainted with the the latest bridal trends to get an idea of the types of wedding dresses, types of wedding gown fabrics, bridal trends etc., and select a few styles that catch your eye. Have a vision board and save images of these bridal pics to show to your bridal consultant when you go for your first wedding dress fitting appointment.

Big thanks to the Internet that has made everything easy. Information on wedding dresses is abundant. Read wedding blogs, guides, magazines, social media pages, follow up on celebrity weddings etc. to know what to expect when you visit bridal shops.

3. Have a solid budget.

There are thousands of unique wedding dresses, from high-end to low-end. Yes you may have fallen in love with a picture from the internet, but you need to have an idea of how much such wedding dresses cost, and then set a realistic budget before visiting any bridal shop.

Every wedding gown will have its price, and among others prices vary depending on the quality of the fabrics and embellishments used to make that wedding gown, the designer, the amount of fabrics that went into making that dress, and lots more.

Here are a few examples, a wedding dress with Swarovski crystals will be priced highly because these Swarovski crystals and pearls are some of the most expensive embellishments used to make wedding dresses. Another example is Chantilly lace, it is one of the high-end lace fabrics, and when a gown is made from Chantilly lace, the price will be higher.

Even if two wedding dresses look similar in style, their prices will be different depending on what was used to make them. Also, the more detailed a wedding dress is the higher the price.

Therefore, when looking for your dream bridal gown, stick to your budget and keep an open mind, what is important is how you look in the wedding dress as long as its in your budget.

Never try on a wedding dress that is above your budget, as that will ruin your shopping experience. If you fall in love with a gown above your budget, you will always compare to it, and fail to find the right gown.

Really, wedding dresses are like cars, the price of Mercedes Benz is higher than the price of other cars, because of the brand and other unique features but one can comfortably travel using other cars at lower costs. Just keep an open mind and communicate your budget to the bridal shop when trying on wedding dresses.

Also, be clear on who is paying for your dress. If it's not you, find out how much they are willing to pay for your bridal gown, then plan according to that budget… unless you can afford to top it with your own money.

4. Keep an open mind.

You have done all the research there is to do and have a clear idea of the dress you want. That is alright. But, it would be even better to be open-minded. See, wedding dresses are very different from everyday clothes. Most of us cannot just choose a bridal gown from a picture, we have to try them on to see how they look on us.

Even if it looks stunning on the model or another bride wearing it, that wedding gown that you may have fallen in love with in bridal pics might or might not be perfect for your body shape, your height, your skin complexion or even suit your personality.

Bridal dresses and regular clothes are very different. Bridal gowns come in many designs, shapes, sizes, prices, and silhouettes. At your bridal appointment try different dresses, do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone, and be honest with your consultant about your likes, dislikes, and especially what you feel comfortable in.

Pictures will give your bridal consultant an idea of your bridal look vision, but in the end the best way to find the right wedding dress silhouette for you is to keep an open mind and try on all types of wedding dresses until you find what looks perfect on you.

After all, do you wish to look like another bride on your wedding?? Guessing not, you wish to look like you! A bridal gown that you never knew existed may be the very thing you need, and what better way to find this out than to try out many dresses?

5. Choose the right entourage.

It is your day, and you must choose a gown that makes you feel the most beautiful and fits the whole ambiance for your wedding. To this end, we suggest that you only bring people you trust to have your best interest at heart to your bridal dress fitting appointment.

Invite no more than two or three people to advice when trying on wedding gowns. Too many opinions can get confusing. Remember its your wedding, find a gown that defines who you are and makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable. If you have the right entourage, they will understand that its your wedding and not theirs, and guide you to make the right choice for you.

6. Wear minimal makeup.

It is advisable to wear little to no makeup on the day of your bridal fitting appointment. When you visit the bridal shop, you will notice that they have wedding dresses mostly in white or ivory which are delicate colors and can get dirty very quickly. Its only polite for you to leave those dresses as clean as possible as they are costly to maintain.

However, having the right look before you head out for your appointment is also essential. Wear your hair in the style you envision on your big day but minimize on the amount of makeup especially around your neck and shoulders.

7. Dress properly underneath.

Wear proper undergarments that you won't mind being seen by others to your appointment. When trying on wedding dresses your bridal consultant must stay with you in the fitting room to help you try on the wedding gowns. If you are uncomfortable with being seen undressed, consider wearing biker shorts to your appointment so you are comfortable during the process.

The same goes for shapewear, if you plan on wearing a body shaper on your wedding day, carry it with you to all appointments to make sure you get the right fit and see yourself exactly as you should look on your day. It never hurts to go the extra mile.

10 things to do before booking a bridal dress appointment.

We also recommend that you carry a pair of shoes with you that has the same heel height as the shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day. That way you can avoid choosing a wedding dress which ends up being too short when you add your shoes, or too long even after you wear your shoes. Going to a fitting appointment with your shoes will help you check out all these elements as you choose your dream wedding dress.

8. Choose weekday bridal visits.

No matter where you are in the world, whether its bridal shops in Uganda, bridal shops in Nairobi Kenya, name it, all shops selling wedding gowns are busiest on a Saturday.

Weekdays from Monday to Friday are typically less busy and less crowded than weekends, which means that bridal shops will have more available timeslots for booking appointments making it much easier for you to find a time slot that works well with your schedule.

9. Visit 1 or 2 bridal shops a day.

A fitting appointment to try on wedding gowns can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. It is so much more exhausting than trying on everyday clothes where in a minute you can wear the dress and take it off the next minute.

With wedding dresses it is going to take about 5 to 10 minutes to put on one wedding gown, especially if it is a ball or cinderella wedding dress with bridal petticoats and all. Then after you are dressed in the gown, you are going to spend more time in that wedding dress discussing it with your entourage and the bridal consultant to see how you feel in it.

It is therefore not advisable to plan to visit so many bridal shops in a day. Because in the end you will just rush through the appointments and fail to find what you are looking for.

Instead we advice brides to take their time and schedule their appointments over time. Wedding dress shopping is an emotional process, and anything more than 2 appointments in a day will be completely overwhelming for you the bride.

10. Book your appointment.

Now that you have done some research, and have your budget and besties ready to help you find your dream bridal dress, its time to book your first fitting appointment.

a) Select bridal shops near me to visit.

First things first, decide which bridal shops to visit. Search online to find bridal shops that you can reach out to book your first wedding dress appointments. However the best way to find a good bridal shop is through recommendations from former brides, family and friends.

Regardless of how you choose, whether it's bridal shops in Kenya or bridal shops in Uganda, or worldwide, ensure you are visiting the best bridal shops. How do you know that? Skim through the recent customer reviews on their Google page to find out what other people think about the bridal shop.

For instance, at Sisters Bridal Uganda and Sisters Bridal Kenya, our customers consistently compliment us for authenticity, genuineness, and uniqueness. When a bride books an appointment to try on our wedding dress, we help them through every process by giving them all the necessary information.

Additionally, we give our brides a variety of authentic wedding dresses from the US and Europe to try on. We literally have the largest stock of wedding dresses in Uganda and wedding dresses in Kenya. Our brides will therefore have a variety of choice, and a chance to see the wedding dresses, feel the fabrics, try them on and then decide if they wish to order or to buy from what we have in stock.

Check customer reviews for the bridal shop you are going to for your dress appointment

b) Call to book a fitting appointment.

As already advised, brides looking to find the best wedding gowns and to have a fun bridal gown shopping experience must call in advance to book a fitting appointment to try on wedding dresses.

At Sisters Bridal Shop you can book your fitting appointment online by simply clicking here to let us know when you will be visiting either Sisters Bridal Uganda or Sisters Bridal Kenya.

c) Get answers to these questions.

Please be aware of what to expect to avoid being caught off-guard by things like gown prices, availability of gowns in your size etc. We therefore suggest asking these questions before visiting any bridal shop to try on bridal gowns.

Do I have to book appointment?

While some bridal shops do business mostly via appointments, others are okay with walk-ins. Be clear on this before visiting the bridal shops on your wish list.

What is your price range?

Different bridal stores price their merchandise differently. Find out how much they charge, and if your budget is below their price range then its time to look for other bridal dress shops. It saves you time and inconveniences.

Is there a fitting fee?

Most bridal shops in Uganda and Kenya will charge a fitting fee to try on wedding dresses. Before visiting a bridal shop find out if they charge to try on wedding dresses and the cost.

How long do the appointments last for?

Every bridal shop will have its own policy. Make sure to find out how long each fitting appointment lasts, and how many wedding dresses a bride is allowed to try on at the appointment. For example at Sisters Bridal, we do not limit on time in fitting rooms or the number of wedding dresses that our brides can try on. We keep going until we find that dream wedding gown for our brides.

How many people can I bring with me?

While it would be suitable for bring your entourage to wedding dress fitting appointment, finding out how many people will be allowed to come with you would be more sensible. Some bridal shops may have limited space and unable to accommodate large crowds.

Will you have bridal gowns in my size?

This is very important. Especially for brides who in small sizes or plus sizes. Bridal shops usually have gowns in stock for the average size brides. Therefore, always ask to find out if the bridal shops you are visiting will have wedding dresses in your size. Its time wasting to visit a shop only to find that they don't have enough variety for you to try on.


We hope this guide has helped prepare you for your first wedding dress appointments. We look forward to the privilege of helping you find your dream wedding dress. Simply click on this link to book a fitting appointment. See you soon ☺️

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