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Add a Special Touch to Your Wedding

Its your one day to shine! and as a bride, you want to make your wedding different from all of the rest, especially if you have close friends are getting married around the same time. You want your wedding to be uniquely you, and to bring in something that will remind people of who you are as a couple. Whether it's a color you love to wear, a special song, or even just a feeling, or something unique that others have not tried before.

We have compiled top ten ideas that you can include in your wedding to make it memorable and have great fun.

1. Use a Wedding #hashtag

Do you have a wedding hash tag? Social media and hashtags have become part of everyday life, and something that you should consider to take your wedding to the next level.

Hashtags are a great way for you and your guests to interact with each other before, during, and after your wedding and share those special behind the scene moments together. Whether it's the pictures you post from your cake tasting or your guests getting ready for your wedding, a hashtag is what will keep all of those little moments together, organized, and totally accessible.

Guests will be able to see their posts, too, which will help build the excitement and give extra recognition to the role your vendors play in your big day. Make sure your photographer and videographer have your hashtag so they can include you in any sneak peeks.

As a couple you should create your own hashtag instead of letting guests create a hashtag of their own as your wedding approaches. This will allow you to have control over what the hashtag says, and by spreading the word yourselves will make sure all your guests are using the same one. Your hashtag should be something straightforward, easy to remember.

After you have decided on a wedding hashtag, it's time to get the word out. Start early by telling your wedding party and putting it on your save-the-date cards, your wedding website and on social media. At the wedding, you should also have reminders in case your guests forget about it. A suggestion is using a cute sign that matches your décor. Putting it on the menu is nice too.

2. Create a Wedding Web Site

Personalized wedding websites are great for collecting all the information that you cannot fit in your wedding invitations: hotels, directions, wedding meetings, information about the couple.

Simply include your custom wedding website domain name on your invitations, and your guests will be able to go to your website for more information regarding your wedding. You can also provide wedding meetings updates on your web site, indicating what has been covered on your budget and what still need your family and friends to pledge towards.

Building your very own wedding website is fun, easy, and best of all free! There are so many online web sites where you can register to create your free wedding web site. These sites have pre-built solution so you can get your wedding website up and running in about a day, and anyone can do this, with no experience. Once you are done building your website, share it with family and friends.

We did the research for you and identified free services that you can use to share your story, and photos with your loved ones. Here are our top 4 wedding website generator recommendations.

3. Personalize your Wedding Invitations, Guest Books and Flower Girl Baskets

Consider incorporating various textures and materials such as fabric, metal, and more, into your wedding invitations, ring pillows, flower girl baskets etc. The layered effect is interesting and really gets guests excited about what’s to come.

For example if you are planning a vintage themed wedding, nothing says vintage than lace. Adding a lace fabric to your wedding invitation cards and on your ring pillow will make it uniquely you.

Another for those planning an outdoor wedding is to incorporate a rustic feel by adding a burlap (Kutiya) overlay in their details as shown on this customized ring pillow available at Sisters Bridal Shop.

4. Non-traditional Guest Books

Instead of a traditional guest book, you can use creative keepsakes that can be incorporated into your home and lifestyle after the wedding. Examples include a custom wedding puzzle guest book. This is so unexpected and unique. You can order a customized word puzzle made from a momentous image of both of you. It could be a photo from your engagement photos or the day that you met. Your guests sign each puzzle piece, and then you can have it on hand in your home or have it framed.

If you're a travel-loving couple, guests can sign a globe to wish you well on your wedding day and beyond. Another creative and interactive keepsake is a thumbprint "book" in which guests can leave their print and name to later be framed. For those still loving the traditional guest book, make it more fun by incorporating your favorite fabric that matches your wedding invitations design.

5. Balloons Décor

Balloons are not just for birthday parties anymore. For weddings, you can make a real statement using balloon décor.

White and cream balloons mixed with metallics keep things chic but fun. They can be great for balloon ceilings or balloon walls, which make a striking photo backdrop.

If you didn't know already, garlands are also majorly trending. Take yours to the next level by mixing mini balloons. Feel free to combine muted and bright tones, as shown with eucalyptus, flowers, or foliage. Another option is to give your tables height by sprinkling oversize white balloons down the middle. If you want to hide the strings, use fishing line wrapped in foliage.

6. Greenery Instead of Drapery

The biggest trend is greenery instead of fabric drapery for outdoor, tented weddings. Think clear tents with lush greenery installations and center pieces to bring in that natural element and really make things feel organic. You can also incorporate the same greenery effect in your wedding ceremony, on your wedding arch for example, as seen in the St. George church decoration for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

7. Something Sweet

From the perfect tablescape to one-of-a-kind party favors to delicious dessert bar ideas and stunning edible centerpieces. This special touch is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests

8. Say it With Favors

End your reception on a high note by gifting wedding guests personalized wedding gifts also called favors. It does not have to be an expensive gift, rather something that people can remember you by. Examples include candy, cookies, cupcakes, or you could give something that you are passionate about. If you are an environmentalist, why not consider young tree seedlings? If you love to cook, an example would be giving your favorite recipe as a favor to all your guests. The list is endless, be creative and think of something that will make people say “that is so her”.

9. Surprise Your Guests with a Snack

The norm is that food is served once during the reception. After all speeches are done, people are invited to dance the night away. Try surprising your guest

s a late evening snack, when they were not expecting anything. Have your catering team serve small bites later in the night for people to eat while they are dancing.

10. Play the Right Music

Ask your guests to include their favorite song on the RSVP card, or go modern and have them email or WhatsApp it to you instead. Compile all the song requests into a playlist and give it to your DJ; this will ensure all your guests will enjoy some jams.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog. We hope this improves your wedding gown shopping experience greatly. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +256 706 555006 or +256 772 583133 or +254 748095888 We look forward to the privilege of finding your dream wedding gown!

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